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Disable the XProtect Smart Client message that the server has a newer version

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If you have upgraded the XProtect® server, but not the XProtect® Smart Client(s), after login, the user encounters this message: Connect to Server - The server holds an updated version of XProtect Smart Client. The current version on the server is X.Xx. Upgrade is recommended. - The new version can be downloaded from http://[servername]:[serverport]/



To disable this message on the clients: 
  1. Open Notepad as an administrator.
  2. Open the file SmartClientVersion.xml located on the Server Side: C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\Milestone Surveillance\httpdocs\SmartClientVersion.xml 
  3. Edit the Version Major digit from the existing version to your lowest version.
    For example, you can change: 
    <version major="9" minor="0" revision="a" beta="0" forceupgrade="false" displayname="9.0a"/> 
    <version major="7" minor="0" revision="a" beta="0" forceupgrade="false" displayname="7.0a"/> 
  4. Then restart all services and logout/login to the XProtect Smart Client to verify that the setting changed. 
Note: Instead, if you want to make sure that the XProtect Smart Client is updated, you can set forceupgrade="true". Then the XProtect Smart Client refuses to log in. It is then up to the user to use the download page to download and install the newer XProtect Smart Client. 
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