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Discovering the PTP800 in Wireless Manager using SNMP V3 - Knowledgebase / Wireless Communications / Cambium Networks - CTSi Group - Helpdesk

Discovering the PTP800 in Wireless Manager using SNMP V3

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Configuration on the PTP800:

> On the Radio go the SNMP configuration under Management >> SNMP.

> Set the Minimum SNMP Privilege level to System Administrator or Security Administrator.

Enable the SNMP State.

> SNMP Access Control can be configured so that Access to SNMP is controlled via IP address. Up to three IP addresses may be entered.

> Set the SNMP Version to V3.

> You can select the SNMP Security Mode to Web- Based or MIB Based.

MIB-based: SNMPv3 security parameters are managed via SNMP MIBs.

Web-based: SNMPv3 security parameters are not available over SNMP, but instead are configured using the SNMP Accounts page.

> SNMP Engine ID Format is supported for MAC Address, IPV4 Address and Text String.

Specifies whether the Engine ID is generated from the MAC Address, IPv4 Address, Text String or IPv6 Address

> SNMP port as 161

> You can set the Sys Contact, Sys Name and Sys Location based on your requirement.

> SNMP user policy configuration (for SNMPv3)

This option is displayed when ‘’Web-based’’ Security mode is selected. These determine which authentication and privacy protocols are

required for SNMP users with roles System Administrator and Read only.


Security Level: Defines the security level and associated protocols that are required to allow SNMP users to access the system.

No Auth No Priv: Users are not required to use authentication or privacy protocols.

Auth No Priv: Users are required to use only authentication protocols.

Auth Priv: Users are required to use both authentication and privacy protocols.


Authentication Protocol: Supported for MD5 and SHA.


> SNMP user accounts configuration: This option will be displayed when the WEB-Based Security mode is selected. We can created the users and set the roles for it. This user and password to be used for the SNMP Discovery. (Eg: User Name : test, Password : 12345678)

> SNMP Trap Configuration : We can set the Traps for the parameters and the Trap servers where the to send the SNMP messages.



Configuration on the Wireless Manager:

> Go to Tools >> Discovery Configurator >> Node Discovery. (You can also try with the Network Discovery, we are using Node discovery for now)

> Uncheck the option ‘’Consider V1 & V2’’, Select the SNMP Version as V3.

> SNMP Agent Port set to 161.

> Set the User Name (test) as configured on the PTP800 ‘’SNMP User Accounts Configuration’’.

> Click on ‘’Properties’’ >> Select ‘’AuthNoPrev’’ for Security Level >> Auth Protocol as ‘’MD5’’ >> Auth Password as 12345678.

All the configuration on the Wireless Manager about the SNMP v3 should match as configured on the PTP800 SNMP.



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