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Which web browsers support Axis video products?

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Which web browsers support Axis video products?


Firmware 7.10 or higher

Video products with firmware 7.10 or higher include the new web interface, which comes with an overall improved and simplified graphical user interface and focuses on camera installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. The web interface is tested and optimized for Chrome™ and Firefox® browsers. It is platform-independent and works with Windows® (versions 7 through 10) as well as Linux® and OS X®. If you use other browser, you could experience limitations in functionality and support. You can find more information about the latest firmware of your Axis video product here.


  • Recommended browser: Chrome™ and Firefox®
  • Supported browser: Chrome™, Firefox®, Edge® and Safari®
  • Platform-independent with latest Linux, OS X and Windows 7 through Windows 10
  • Support for tablet and mobile devices
  • 12 pre-installed languages and automatic language detection

Known limitations:

  • Microsoft Edge™: 1-second video delay when streaming H.264
  • Safari®: No support for H.264 video streaming in Safari® browser for mobile devices (iOS devices)

Video streaming:

AXIS Media Control is not required anymore for video streaming H.264 or RTSP. Displaying H.264 and RTSP video streams in the web interface (e.g., live view or when setting up analytics) requires that the browser can connect over WebSockets. Support for RTSP video streams over WebSockets requires an updated browser and that the network and proxy settings are configured to allow WebSockets.

The viewing experience depends on the performance of the computer, the browser, and its encoding capabilities. If a video stream is lagging, the web interface either notifies the user or restarts the video stream automatically in case it lags a lot. If the user experiences continuous lagging, they should adapt to the computer’s performance by lowering the resolution of the video stream stepwise. When viewing video streams in higher resolutions than 1080 pixels, they should use a computer with a powerful CPU and graphics card.*

*Tested and verified with the following configuration: Google Chrome™ (latest version) on Windows® 10 or Linux, Intel® Core™ i7-4770 Processor 3.40 Ghz with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 950 or Intel™ HD Graphics 4600.


Firmware 6.50 or lower

Video products with firmware 6.50 or lower are tested and optimized for the latest version of Internet Explorer, Windows, and AXIS Media Control (AMC). Although you can use other browsers, versions and operating systems, you might experience limitations in functionality and support. You can find more information about the latest firmware of your Axis video product here.

The recommended viewer is AMC in combination with Internet Explorer.

Known limitations:

  • Recommended for Internet Explorer
  • Recommended for Windows operating system
  • QuickTime® player introduces a 3-second video delay when streaming
  • Java applet-based clients only support one-way audio, and the audio quality, as well as the frame rate, might be reduced
  • When using video products with firmware 5.50 or lower and IE10, compatibility mode is recommended

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