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VNC Multiple Display Mapping

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How do I map multiple VNC Viewer monitors to multiple VNC Server monitors?

It is possible to map a 1:1 relationship between multiple monitors on VNC Server and VNC Viewer, ie. VNC Server's monitor 1 displayed on VNC Viewer's monitor 1, VNC Server's monitor 2 displayed on VNC Viewer's monitor 2 and so on.  

To do this:

  • Check "Full screen mode" in VNC Viewer > Options > Advanced > Display
  • Set "UseAllMonitors" to True in VNC Viewer > Options > Advanced > Expert tab.
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unggit tjitradjaja
My issue is this:
If a client [PC] sets up an App (say, Windows Explorer) to show up on his/her secondary monitor;
I can't see it. As a proof, once that Apps is dragged to the primary monitor, then I can see it.
We try it with and without the Full-Screen mode.
We're running VNC 5.0 (free version).

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